Channel the 90s: Revamp Your Hair Game with These Funky Hair Accessories

Channel the 90s: Revamp Your Hair Game with These Funky Hair Accessories

Remember the good old days when the 90s ruled the world? From boy bands to denim overalls, we simply couldn’t get enough of that decade’s vibrant energy. And now, brace yourself for some exciting news – the fashion world is bringing back the iconic 90s hair accessories! Get ready to channel that retro vibe and revamp your hair game like never before. With a plethora of funky hair accessories hitting the shelves, we have compiled a list of the hottest picks that will transport you back to the trendsetting era of scrunchies, butterfly clips, and hair wraps. So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of 90s hair accessories and rediscover the magic they bring to enhance your overall look.

First up is a quintessential 90s hair accessory that is making a major comeback – the classic scrunchie. Remember seeing them on your favorite celebrities, from Britney Spears to the Spice Girls? These soft, fabric-covered hair ties not only add a playful touch but also protect your hair from damage caused by regular ponytail holders. The best part? Scrunchies come in an array of patterns, colors, and textures, allowing you to switch up your look based on your mood and outfit. Say goodbye to monotonous ponytails, and say hello to voluminous, effortlessly chic updos.

If you crave a touch of whimsy in your hair game, look no further than butterfly clips. These adorable hair accessories come in various sizes, shapes, and vibrant colors, making them the perfect statement piece for any hairstyle. Whether you’re rocking a cute half-up-half-down do or a sleek updo, strategically placed butterfly clips are sure to add a pop of fun and nostalgia to your look. Plus, they are incredibly easy to use. Simply open the wings, clip them on, and watch your hair transform into a magical masterpiece that captures the essence of the 90s.

Next on our list is an accessory that will instantly transport you to your carefree childhood days – the hair wrap. Remember going to the beach or a carnival and getting those colorful, braided hair wraps that made you feel like the coolest kid around? Well, the good news is that you can relive those cherished moments with just a simple hair wrap. From bohemian-inspired wraps adorned with beads and feathers to bold neon wraps that scream ’90s rave party, there is a style to suit every occasion and personality. Rocking a hair wrap not only adds a touch of nostalgia but also gives your overall look a subtle, yet undeniable, edge.

If you’re looking for an accessory that screams ’90s grunge, then the claw clip is your new best friend. This chunky, retro hair accessory dominated the fashion scene back in the day and remains a go-to choice for effortlessly cool hairstyles. Whether you opt for a messy bun, a loose updo, or want to give your long, flowing locks some dimension, the claw clip will effortlessly hold your hair in place while adding a touch of edginess to your look. With various sizes and colors to choose from, you can easily find the perfect claw clip to complement your style and mood.

Ready to take your hair game to the next level? Enter the world of headbands – the must-have accessory to channel your inner ’90s diva. From thin velvet bands that add a touch of elegance to chunky, patterned bands that make a bold statement, headbands are a versatile accessory that enhance any hairstyle. Whether you want to tame unruly bangs, add a touch of sophistication to a ponytail, or simply embrace the nostalgia of iconic ’90s style, headbands are here to save the day. Add a headband to your hair routine and prepare to turn heads with your effortlessly chic and retro look.

One accessory that took the 90s by storm and continues to reign supreme in the hair accessory world is the barrette. These decorative hair clips come in an endless array of shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing you to personalize your hairstyles to match any occasion. From minimalist metal clips that add a touch of elegance to your updo, to bold, colorful barrettes that make a statement all on their own, the options are endless. Whether you stack them together or wear a single statement piece, barrettes are a surefire way to elevate your hair game and showcase your unique style.

Now that you have a glimpse into the captivating world of 90s hair accessories, it’s time to revoke the trends of the past and infuse your hair game with a burst of nostalgia. Embrace the scrunchies, butterfly clips, hair wraps, claw clips, headbands, and barrettes to add an extra flair to your everyday hairstyles. Instead of leaving your hair dull and lackluster, tap into the vibrant energy of the 90s and let your accessories do the talking. Step out with confidence, knowing that you’ve harnessed the magic of the 90s to create a trendy, retro-inspired look that will turn heads wherever you go. So, grab your favorite accessory, channel the 90s, and let your hair shine!



The 90s was an era of experimentation and free-spiritedness when it came to fashion and beauty. The hair trends of that decade were equally exciting, and they continue to inspire new styles today. One way to channel the 90s vibe is by incorporating funky hair accessories into your looks. Here are some popular options that you can try.

Snap Clips

Snap clips were all the rage in the 90s, and they’re back in full force now. These simple yet versatile accessories come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors, making them perfect for any outfit or occasion. You can use them to hold back your hair, create a half-up hairstyle, or as a decorative touch on a ponytail or bun. Mix and match different snap clips to create a unique look that speaks to your personality.


Bandanas are the epitome of 90s coolness, and they’re making a comeback in a big way. These stylish and functional accessories can be worn in a multitude of ways. You can tie them around your head as a headband, wear them as a hair tie, or even use them as a mask when needed. Bandanas come in a variety of prints and colors, so you can choose one that matches your outfit or mood.


Scrunchies were a staple hair accessory in the 90s, and they’re still loved by many today. These soft and stretchy bands are gentle on your hair and come in a plethora of patterns and fabrics. You can wear them in a classic ponytail or bun, or use them to create a fun and playful updo. There’s no limit to the ways you can incorporate scrunchies into your hair game.

Claw Clips

Claw clips were another beloved 90s hair accessory, and they’re back in style now. These clips are great for those days when you want your hair off your face but still want to look stylish. They come in various sizes, from small to jumbo, so you can choose one that fits your hair length and thickness. Claw clips come in a variety of colors and designs, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.


Headbands are a timeless hair accessory that never goes out of style. In the 90s, headbands were often thick and chunky, but today’s headbands come in a range of styles, from skinny to embellished. You can wear a headband to add a touch of glamour to your look or to keep your hair out of your face during a workout. Headbands also come in a variety of materials, including velvet, satin, and leather.

Hair Clips with Words

If you want to make a statement with your hair accessory, try a clip with words on it. These clips can feature positive affirmations, funny sayings, or even your name. They’re a fun and quirky way to express yourself and can be worn in any hairstyle. Choose a clip with words that resonate with you and wear it proudly!


90s hair accessories have stood the test of time, and they’re more popular than ever now. Incorporating these fun and funky accessories into your hair game is an easy way to add some personality and flair to your look. Whether you opt for snap clips, bandanas, scrunchies, claw clips, headbands, or clips with words, there’s sure to be a style that suits you. So channel your inner 90s kid and have fun experimenting with your hair!



The fashion world is bringing back the iconic hair accessories of the 90s. Scrunchies, butterfly clips, hair wraps, claw clips, headbands, and barrettes are making a major comeback. Scrunchies not only add a playful touch but also protect hair from damage. Butterfly clips come in various sizes, shapes, and vibrant colors to add a pop of fun to any hairstyle. Hair wraps give a touch of nostalgia and an edge to your overall look. Claw clips are perfect for grunge-inspired hairstyles. Headbands add elegance and diva vibes to any hairstyle. Barrettes are a versatile option to personalize your hairstyles. Embrace the 90s and let your hair shine!

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What are some popular hair accessories inspired by the 90s?

The 90s were known for their funky and vibrant hair accessories that added a bold touch to any hairstyle. Some popular accessories from this era include scrunchies, butterfly clips, bandanas, and hair wraps. Scrunchies, made of various fabrics and patterns, were a staple for effortlessly securing ponytails or messy buns. Butterfly clips featured playful designs and were often used to clip up sections of hair. Bandanas were versatile and could be worn as headbands, wrapped around ponytails, or used to create retro updos. Hair wraps added an adventurous touch, with colorful fabric being twisted or braided into the hair.

How can I incorporate 90s hair accessories into my everyday look?

Incorporating 90s hair accessories into your everyday look is a fun way to add a retro twist to your hairstyle. Start by experimenting with different scrunchie styles and colors that complement your outfits. You can opt for a sleek ponytail or a messy bun secured with a scrunchie for a casual yet stylish look. If you prefer something bolder, try using butterfly clips to section off your hair or create a unique pattern. Bandanas can be worn as headbands, either tied at the top of your head or across your forehead, for a boho-inspired look. Lastly, incorporate hair wraps by braiding colorful fabric into a simple braid or bun for an adventurous touch.

Are 90s hair accessories suitable for all hair types and lengths?

Yes, 90s hair accessories can be enjoyed by individuals with different hair types and lengths. Scrunchies are versatile and can be used on all hair types, from thin to thick hair, and work well with short or long hair. Butterfly clips can easily grip onto various hair textures, allowing people with curly or straight hair to enjoy them. Bandanas are adaptable and can be worn on any hair length, from pixie cuts to long braids or even dreadlocks. Hair wraps can be braided into any hair type, adding a splash of color to your hairstyle, whether it’s short or long.

Where can I find authentic 90s hair accessories?

You can find authentic 90s hair accessories through various methods. Firstly, consider visiting vintage stores and thrift shops, as they often have a selection of accessories from past decades, including the 90s. These places offer a chance to find unique and genuine items that were popular during that era. Additionally, online marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy are great platforms to find a wide range of authentic 90s hair accessories. Many sellers specialize in vintage fashion and have a selection of hair accessories from that period. Finally, some contemporary retailers also offer modern twists on 90s-inspired hair accessories, allowing you to find pieces that combine the nostalgic vibe with a contemporary touch. Newsletter



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